Below are the answers to the most common questions. The answers are divided into several areas:

  • Tickets
  • Transportation
  • Parking
  • Concert and Fan Zone
  • Cashless
  • Accommodation
  • Organizational rules

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you navigate the ticket buying process and enjoy the concert, whether you arrive for the Saturday or Sunday show. We’re working hard to do everything we can to make sure that tickets only get into the hands of real fans. All information above is valid for both concert dates! All information above is valid for both concert dates!

Both concerts will take place in Park 360 in Hradec Králové on the following dates 27. 7 and 28. 7. 2024.

Tickets for the first concert date are already SOLD OUT! For the second date on 28. 7. 7. 2024 tickets ar available in the price range of 1 990 – 2 990 CZK ONLY in networks Ticketportal, GoOut a Eventim. Tickets purchased outside of these official pre-sales may not be valid and will not guarantee that you will be able to attend the concert.

After paying for the ticket you will receive a confirmation of payment to your e-mail address, the tickets themselves will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when you purchased them 14 DAYS BEFORE THE CONCERT DATE.

All tickets will be linked to the name of the purchaser, in the case of multiple ticket purchases, the name of the purchaser will appear on all tickets. A purchasing person must be present at the door to admit all persons with tickets bearing that name.

Official and secure secondary ticket sales/purchases will only be available at a later date from official ticket resellers at the original price of your ticket.

For tickets purchased outside of the official pre-sales at GoOut, Ticketportal or Eventim, we do not guarantee their originality, validity or that they will get you to the concert.

BE WARNED AGAINST purchasing tickets from fraudulent servers such as VIAGOGO, ONLINE TICKETSHOP and others. At the same time we warn against FAKE PROFILES IN COMMENTS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS.

If you have any problems with your tickets, please contact the ticketing company where you purchased your ticket(s) directly:



Ed Sheeran concert promoters have pledged to fight unethical secondary ticketing and overselling. All official ticket providers are listed in concert advertisements and on the, a

Every concertgoer needs a valid ticket regardless of their age. Under 15 years of age, a child must be accompanied by a parent to the concert; from 15 to 18 years of age, an adult must accompany the child.

Special tickets for people with a valid ZTP or ZTP/P card will be on sale at GoOut and TicketPortal. This ticket is exclusively for those who need to reserve a reserved seat on the elevated platform. IE. for disabled persons in wheelchairs or persons of short stature. In both cases, proof of a ZTP or ZTP/P card is required. Platform capacity is limited! Accompanying person must buy a classic Standing ticket. Standing for escorts will be allowed in the area near the elevated platform.

Unethical secondary ticketing is when people buy tickets at face price and then resell them at inflated prices through methods and websites that are not endorsed by the artist or promoter, denying real fans the opportunity to buy at face price.

Scalpers and unauthorised ticket sellers use multiple credit cards, false identities and sophisticated computer programmes (“bots”) to buy up large numbers of tickets, which they then offer for resale at highly inflated prices.

There is a limit of 6 tickets per transaction for both concerts. This restriction is in place to give as many people as possible a fair chance to purchase tickets. The entire group must arrive at the same time as the person who purchased the tickets, as the purchaser’s name is written on each ticket purchased.

PLEASE NOTE that any transactions that are detected as “bot” purchases, persons creating duplicate accounts to purchase more tickets than the limit, or any transaction that indicates a suspicious purchase over the ticket limit WILL BE CANCELLED.

If you want to purchase more than 6 tickets for the concert, you will need to place another order.

To prevent the secondary ticket market, absurd prices and ripping off fans, we sell personalised tickets, which means that the buyer’s name is printed on them. On entry, the surname printed on the ticket must correspond to the identity document presented; the second (or third, fourth, fifth or sixth) person will only gain entry at the same time as the person presenting the identity card. Proof of ticket reservation is also required upon request.

This means that when you purchase tickets, each of your tickets will be personalised with the name of the main purchaser. When attending concerts, entrace will only be allowed with the main purchaser whose name appears on the tickets. The organiser reserves the right to check IDs for verification on entry to the venue. Bring a valid ID and enter the venue with the friends and family for whom you purchased tickets.

Matching ID with the last name of the main purchaser will be a condition of entry, other tickets purchased by that person can be used for other people as long as EVERYONE arrives with the main purchaser whose name is on the tickets. If you would like to purchase tickets as a gift, you will need to attend as well in order for the gift recipients to get into the concert.

A valid ticket (printed or electronic) is required for entry to the concert. You may be asked to provide an email confirmation of your ticket reservation and a valid photo ID that matches the name on the confirmation.

Accepted forms of photo ID are – valid ID, valid driving licence, valid passport.

There are no age restrictions for the concerts, every concertgoer needs a valid ticket regardless of their age. Under 15 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent to the concert, from 15 to 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Only electronic tickets are sold and will be delivered to the buyer’s email address with a delay, so you will not receive them until shortly before the concerts. After purchasing tickets, you will receive a confirmation email.

First of all, please check your junk or spam folder. If this doesn’t help, contact the customer service of the ticket seller you booked your tickets through (GoOut or Ticketportal). If you are not sure which company you purchased your ticket from, this information is usually on your credit card or bank statement.

Resale of any tickets to Ed Sheeran concerts is strictly prohibited except through the official and secure partner TicketSwap. Any tickets for Ed Sheeran concerts offered for resale elsewhere, whether online or offline (including Viagogo, Onlineticketshop, social media comments or any other unauthorised source, including any secondary ticketing websites) will result in the CANCELLATION OF THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL BOOKING AND TICKETS. The original purchaser and their entourage will be denied entry and any further purchases they have will also be cancelled.

Tickets were sent to your email on Monday 15.7.2024. If your tickets have not arrived, please check the Spam folder of your email account and if necessary contact the ticketing company where you purchased your ticket(s) directly.

Professional cameras (defined as cameras with detachable lenses), video and recording devices are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Cameras for personal use and smartphone cameras are fine.

We are preparing for you not only Ed Sheeran’s concert itself, but also a full-day program on the premises. There will be concerts, an accompanying programme and activities in the Fan Zone, several food and beverage zones and plenty of other leisure activities to spend the best summer day.

You can arrive to the Fan Zone in plenty of time before the concert to enjoy all the accompanying program, refreshments and everything we will prepare for you on the spot. So you can arrive well in advance, park quietly and start enjoying the day’s programme.

Access to the Fan Zone is included in your ticket. The full timetable will be announced soon.

Don’t worry, we’ll try to help you. First of all, go to the cash desk where colleagues will help you find out what went wrong. REMEMBER YOU MUST NEVER BUY A TICKET from someone you don’t know, not in person on the street, not on unauthorized secondary ticket websites like Viagogo, Onlineticketshop and others, not in comments on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and others.


You can arrive at the concert by car, train, bus, shuttle, on foot or by bike. A detailed description of all the options can be found in the How to get here section. A Google Map of the venue can be found here, a map of the access routes to the concert will be available soon.

Special direct trains organized by Czech Railways will take you to the concert and back home. Special trains are available from Prague, Brno, Blansko, Ostrava, Bohumín, Suchdol, Hranice na Moravě, Olomouc and Zábřeh. You can find more details here.

When arriving by car, we recommend that you use the navigation according to your direction of arrival and then follow the traffic signs and instructions of the organizers in the vicinity of the concert. In the vicinity of Hradec Králové, the way to the concert will be marked with signs “Park 360” or “Ed Sheeran”, which will direct you to the concert area. The concert venue and its surroundings will be closed to all passenger traffic except for parking ticket holders. If you are not going to park on site, you will need to park your car in town and use the shuttle service, walk or cycle to the site. More information on how to get to the concert can be found here.

Important: If you are coming to the concert by car, please note that you can only park on site in the paid parking lot and only with a pre-purchased parking ticket. It will no longer be possible to purchase parking on site. All information about Parking can be found HERE. For exact directions to the concert, including recommended directions to the parking lot, please see How to Get Here.

A special shuttle service will run between Park 360 and the centre of Hradec Králové at regular intervals on the day of the concert, which will exclusively offer the shortest route to the venue. Up to 30 large capacity buses will be available for your convenience. More information regarding shuttle buses is here.

Another option is to walk or cycle from the centre along the marked path along Akademika Bedrna Street and then along Jana Černého Street to the premises. The route is about 2 km long.

There will be ample paid parking on site for all concert attendees. Parking must be purchased in advance and will not be available on site. The opening hours of the car park for arrival are 12:00 – 19:00 on each day of the concert. Departure times are flexible, the latest departure is 10am after the concert. Sleeping in a car is forbidden. More information can be found here.

No, parking outside the designated areas is not possible. There will be limited traffic around Park 360 during the concerts and cars parked outside the designated areas will be towed.

If you want to park on the premises, you need to buy a parking ticket. The parking area is located in close proximity to the campsite, so there will be no dedicated parking for glaping/campsite guests. The opening hours of the car park for arrival are 12:00 – 19:00 on each day of the concert. Departure times are flexible, the latest departure is 10am after the concert.

A concert arena is a special space where an Ed Sheeran concert takes place. The pair of Czech concerts will offer a unique experience because we will build a special arena with stands arranged in a circle around the central stage, so you will have Ed Sheeran almost at your fingertips. The Copenhagen show, for example, which took place 2 years ago, offered a similar arrangement of stands. In the picture below you can see what you can look forward to.

The planned schedule of the event is as follows:

12:00 – Fan Zone opening
16:00 – Concert arena opening
18:00 – Expected start of the concert (Ewa Farna, Calum Scott, Ed Sheeran)
22:45 – Expected end of the concert

Important: The times are approximate and subject to change!

A special fan area next to the concert arena, where musical performances, a rich accompanying programme and other activities await you before the main concert. You can arrive at the Fan Zone from 12:00, so you can enjoy the accompanying programme and a wide range of refreshments or buy concert merchandise without queuing. You can arrive in advance and enjoy the full day’s programme.

Admission to the Fan Zone is free and included with your ticket.

A rich program awaits you in the Fan Zone, for example:

  • Busker concerts – Ed Sheeran started as a busker, a street musician, so we will commemorate this tradition and our 3 busker stages will host Ben Cristovao with Karol Komenda, Pokáč, Thom Artway, Vojta Nedvěd, Fionn Whelan and many more
  • Concerts of popular bands – a covered tent stage with a grandstand will offer concerts of musical groups. The names of the performers will be announced soon.

You can look forward to a fair, food zone, photo points, etc. And perhaps there will be more surprises.

After the concert, there will be a DJ afterparty in the Fan Zone, which will offer a continuation of the musical experience and shorten your wait to leave the venue.

The current schedule of musical performances in the Fan Zone can be found HERE.

For those interested in greater comfort, we have also prepared a COMFY Fan Zone with the best service. All information about the COMFY Fan Zone can be found HERE.

A wide range of refreshments (food and drinks) will be prepared for you on site, of course we do not forget about vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free diet and others.

EDA SHEERAN concerts will be cashless. Just like at the Rock for People festival, where we’ve had a proven service for years, all payments at Ed Sheeran concerts will be made using a wristband with a chip. Only merchandise will be available for payment by card, otherwise card and cash payments will not be possible throughout the venue.

The main advantage of NFCtron payment is that it also works offline (unlike contactless payments by card/phone or watch). This guarantees a functional and fast payment, no matter if there are tens of thousands of fans on site.

Through NFCtron Tickets at the link below you can now top up the amount you want NOW without any queue, for free and from the comfort of your home. When you arrive, pick up your wristband at the designated recharge point, which will be paired directly with your ticket and you can start enjoying yourself.

TOP-UP HERE: Online credit charging is available only until 27. 7., till 12:00.

Finance can also be topped up on site (cash or card) at a designated top-up point. The activation fee for the first recharge on site is CZK 50.

What if you don’t spend it all? You won’t lose your balance, of course. Refunding the credit to any EU bank account is free of charge and you can request a refund in the NFCtron mobile app within 14 days of the end of the promotion. Download NFCtron app here:

You can track your spending online in the NFCtron mobile app. Download NFCtron app here:

We have several accommodation options for visitors to the Ed Sheeran concert. You can choose from a variety of options, from pre-prepared luxury tents in a glamp with above-standard sanitary facilities, to camping in your own tent in a campsite to hotel rooms in Hradec Králové. More information about accommodation options can be found HERE.

We have secured a limited number of hotel rooms for both days of the concert, which you can purchase HERE starting May 5. In addition to our offer, you can choose from a wide range of accommodation facilities in Hradec Kralove and its surroundings.

You can choose from a variety of options, from pre-prepared luxury tents in a glamp with superior sanitary facilities, to accommodation in a caravan, to camping in your own tent. Visitors staying at the campsite will be able to park in a special parking lot near the concert. More information about the camp and glamp can be found HERE.

Camping and glamping is available from 12:00 till 10:00 on the next day. Reception opening times are:
SAT 12.00 – 0.00, SUN 6.00 – 0.00, MON 6.00 – 10.00. More information about the camp and glamp can be found HERE.

You need to leave the campsite at 10.00 am after the day of the concert. More information about the camp and glamp can be found HERE.

The Concert Venue is the common name for the concert arena where the Ed Sheeran concert will take place and the Fan Zone.

A list of prohibited items that cannot be brought into the concert venue can be found HERE.

Re-entry into the area is not possible, after leaving the area the ticket is invalid. In case of parking in the area, the validity of the parking ticket is terminated when leaving the car park, re-entry to the car park is not possible.

Our priority is to ensure the safe conduct of the concert. To achieve this, it is important that everyone follows safety and organisational rules. All information can be found HERE.